Soon. Soon you will see the new unite. Bare with me whist things inevitably take longer than I imagine, but you should all see the new unite within the next 24 hours. Unfortunately I cant make DNS updates cascade around the world faster. See you soon :)


For this video being for someone who's only got 200 subs, it's pretty fantastic. Perhaps a point that the number should be a lot bigger - something you're all quite capable of changing.

Javier B reached 200 subs, and put out this absolutely amazing video as a thankyou for that. Some really nice tricks throughout but the beautiful editing is what makes this stand out, in a way it's almost over edited, but it just stays under that line I think and has you enjoying it from the start. Definitely needs a fullscreen.

Go check Jem's channel here :)


I'm not sure if the title is a note that fingerboards are small scale, or it's a parody of everyone calling mini videos 'mini'.

Oh well, here's Chris S killing it and that's certainly enough for me to be happy about. Rad style, a really nice semi raw vibe to it , and some super tasty tricks to top it off. Plus the ending was kind of hilarious, simple as it was.

Go check Chris' channel here :)

BATH #5 Announced

Time has flown, how is it the end of the year already? How is there another BATH coming up? I'm not complaining, but 2013 has been very short.

I still remember thinking 'daamn, I cant get to BATH this year' like it was a few months ago, now BATH 5 is announced?! Awesome I suppose, hopefully I'll make this and everyone who can should, so mark the 22nd March in your diaries and make sure to get to Berlin for the usual world class barrage of fingerboarding brilliance. Props to everyone who's organising it!

Go check BATH here :)

DK S5s At Norwood

Being as I have one of these decks to review right now, I know how ridiculously nice they are. Soo..

I'm hyped to see that the DK S5 decks are available now at The Norwood Project. Nice to see Pete keeping a steady stream of rad products coming in to the UK, at a really nice pricepoint too. Only £12.50 for an exotic bottom of these? Madness, I'd definitely recommend them - if you cant wait for my review and have to dive on one now I think heading to Norwood is a good idea. As always.

Go check TNP here :)

Primitive Dogtown Replica

I haven't seen these films in ages, but they're pretty much classics, hands down. So..

HOW AWESOME ARE THOSE. Capslock needed because I'm pretty sure shouting is the only acceptable reaction to a replica that well done. As if the other stuff Primitive have done recently wasn't impressive, this just takes it all to a whole new level. Somehow.

Go check Primitive here :)

New Unite Update

I've been soo busy with a mix of working and trying to heal the smash to my face that I've not had time to think about this the last few days. But..

I realised I'd not shown you guys this, the new review scoring system that's up on the new unite. I really like how this came out, and because I made it with php all I do is enter in the score and the rest is generated automatically. Colour changing on the final score for how what score it is, going from red to green, and blue for a perfect 10/10. Hope you all like it!

As for when, well, I reaaaaaaaally hope to have this running tomorrow. I've got work but a late start as it's sunday, so I'm gonna wake up ridiculously early, like 5am or something, and work as hard as I can to get it up and running before 11 when I have to work. Unless, you know, I jinx myself again and get injured somewhere else, aha.. :)


This video might not have the most production values in the world put into it, but it has something important there instead.

This looks soo fun! Wespeakfingerboard never fails to put out something rad, and even though this is more a fun quick video than anything else it's actually rad - just some really cheeky tech on a cruiser board. Easily better than 99% of things you'll spend 45 seconds doing if you don't watch it.

Go check wespeakfingerboard's channel here :)

Magic Carpet

Of all the ways you could magically make something good for travel, wouldn't you make something better than a carpet fly? I mean, that's gotta be quite cold..

Seriously though, here's some really nice fingerboarding from Devin C, who I'm stoked to see is finally uploading some videos again. Here's his second upload within just over a week, so hopefully we'll continue to see more videos as these are well worth checking out. Hammers all round is an understatement - he kills it.

Go check Devin's channel here :)

Primitive Behind The Scenes

This isn't your typical multi stage behind the scenes, but it's still worth seeing.

Ever wondered how Primitive decks are put together? Well, this shot shows off some of the fine sanding and gives us all a closer look at the masterwork that goes into creating these. Where I saw it drop on FBHQ it's worded like there will be more of these for different stages - which I'd really like to see. If and/or when, I don't know, but still.. we can hope? Would be pretty rad.

Go check Primitive's channel here :)


Zink? Pink? Pzink? Yea I like that, let's go with that. Here's something Pzink.

Pink Zink? Yup, as if these decks weren't suitably awesome on their own, now they come in the most manly colour possible. Not available on their website yet but I guess if you take yourself to FBHQ you can probably find out when this will be up. Totally makes me want a pink deck.

Go check Zink here :)

BRR New Ramps

I just discussed part of this, but being BRR they wont drop something on it's own and will always have a bunch of nice things to give us.

BRR dropped some awesome stuff, most awesome of that being the Mike Schneider Ramp III. More brick obstacle love with a side helping of a tiny loading dock - and thankfully something that needs to be done more in fingerboarding - the hubba is moveable and slots in to one of two places for either FS or BS grinds. At only 40 euros it's a pretty tasty price, but if you're on a super budget the new brick box seems awesome. That, the new kicker, and things like Box 1 are really pushing mini obstacles and I'm stoked on that; they're not only great for travelling but super challenging and fun to ride too.

Go check BRR here :)
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