So, you've stumbled across unitefingerboarding!

Nice to have you here. Here we plan to provide an information portal on fingerboarding based from the glorious UK, but reaching world wide. We also want to provide a 'beginners guide', so to speak, but, that'll sit in one place so all of you who already love fingerboarding wont have that in your face all the time, don't worry. It wont be like that paper clip of microsoft word or anything..

We've just started and we've got lots to do before its finished. Forums are hopefully coming. On the main page, we'll have a trick tips section with beginners and advanced tricks, a section on how you can support us should you want to be so kind (videos, pictures, that sort of thing, we love it all!), our friends listed down the side, be it other communities or companies, a photo and video archive of everything thats been posted on the site, and possibly more! Maybe some flash graphics and other things coming to the site as well.

We'd appreciate any suggestions though! Let us know either in comments, or the many ways available in the contact us section, what you think should go down! After all, you're the readers, if you've got great ideas we'd love to hear them!

Expect much more fingerboard related news coming when the place is a fair bit more finished, but for now check out what we've done. Comments are always welcomed, especially nice ones, haha :)

Keep fingerboarding,
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