TNP x Big Construction Mini Kicker

This dropped on Big Construction a week ago, but now it's found it's way over here and looks absolutely rad.

Big Construction teamed up with The Norwood Project to drop this awesome mini kicker, that's now at The Norwood Project and available for only £5. I think that's the rad thing tbh, not only is it a super tiny fun obstacle but only £5? UK people, snag one of these up before they're gone - you'll regret it if you don't.

I really want to address the issue also of BRR bringing out a new kicker in the same dimensions just after BC dropped this. BC don't get huge coverage like BRR but even so, they dropped theirs a week first. That said, I don't think BRR would blatantly copy as I've seen their wall of prototype obstacles so I'm pretty sure idea -> reality takes longer than a week, and thus if they just wanted to do this it wouldn't have dropped by now. THAT SAID.. a week later? I dunno, they could have waited a bit. I guess end of the day, now there's two choices so you can get which ever one you like the most!

Go check TNP here :)
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