BRR New Ramps

I just discussed part of this, but being BRR they wont drop something on it's own and will always have a bunch of nice things to give us.

BRR dropped some awesome stuff, most awesome of that being the Mike Schneider Ramp III. More brick obstacle love with a side helping of a tiny loading dock - and thankfully something that needs to be done more in fingerboarding - the hubba is moveable and slots in to one of two places for either FS or BS grinds. At only 40 euros it's a pretty tasty price, but if you're on a super budget the new brick box seems awesome. That, the new kicker, and things like Box 1 are really pushing mini obstacles and I'm stoked on that; they're not only great for travelling but super challenging and fun to ride too.

Go check BRR here :)
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