Yesterday Made Me Hate Keyboards

Ever had to manually migrate over 100 posts worth of data? Here's a hint as to what it's like: IT'S REALLY BORING.

So, you want to know what I did with my only day off in a 52 hour week? I spent the WHOLE day for you guys, working on the new unite site. I wanted all the reviews to be on the new unite and there's no way I can simple export the posts then import them again because I'm doing things completely differently - so it all had to be done by hand. One by one, copy, paste, make thumbnails, etc.. Totally worth it and I'm obviously really hyped to be working on the site and have it 95% finished now, but still.. Eugh. Was not a fun day! That said, we're looking at a wednesday/thursday evening launch unless something else goes wrong before then. More updates coming inbetween now and launch :)
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