How To Tempt Fate

Hey, remember yesterday my 'oh, I'll be launching new unite wednesday if nothing goes wrong before then'? As you might have gathered by the title, something went wrong.

Yeaaaaa. Somehow, I took a massive chunk out of my nose walking home yesterday. Like, I tripped and somehow lost all ability to balance (being a skateboarder and having fallen more times than I can remember, it baffles me beyond words) and just died. Thankfully it's not broken but there's a big chunk missing (despite the picture not looking bad, it is instagram after all) and I've gotta get some plastic stitches today so it doesn't leave a huge scar. So that's gonna take even more time than I have today, regardless of having work all day - AS SUCH.. I wont be able to post unite until maybe this evening, if not then tomorrow. And I guess new unite is on hold until the weekend.

Kinda sucks but I'm even more annoyed than everyone else as the mere concept is ridiculous. Oh well - have a great day everyone, and sorry for the lack of fingerboarding. Go land some kickflips smiths for me :)
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