Lowpro - Last 48 Hours

This SUCKS. Absolutely SUCKS. Beyond words to be honest, this is a real blow to fingerboarding and if you don't care then honestly, fuck you. You should care.

For me Lowpro have always been one of the 'core' companies. A company with the best vibes, always doing what they could for fingerboarding (being a huge part of the BATH events to name only one thing) and making really nice products to go with it. Which is why we've seen soo many collabs with them and other companies over the years, and it's beyond a total shame to hear that this weekend is the last 48 hours of Lowpro. Everyone will probably react to this with 'no, don't close!' and whilst I want to reciprocate that, I had to close Fingersized, so I know what it's like to get to the point where shutting down is the only option and I completely understand. I hate, soo much so, that a company that inspired me to fingerboard with everything they did for soo many years is now gone, but I guess that's a sign of the times. If you want to pick up something amazing, like 25 euro graphic decks, then you REAAAAALLY should, as it's your last chance to ever get Lowpro stuff. History right there - much as it bums me out to think of Lowpro as only history, I suppose that's what they'll be now.

Pick something up this weekend, and if you cant, at least read this with me and join me in an air fist bump in respect of Lowpro. Thanks for all the good vibes Andre, stay gold.

Go check Lowpro here :)
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