Berlinwood Skyline Engraved

I love that there's another special run of Berlinwoods out, and that they're even more impressive than the last.

How mad are these, special Skyline Engraved Berlinwoods limited to 50 pieces. Such a beautiful looking deck, in the new Berlinwood 33.3mm wide shape - and interestingly enough continuing the trend of these limited 33.3mm decks being 40 euros. Totally worth it for the limited editions, but as I said last time, if the 33.3mms ever appear in normal Berlinwoods I hope they're not a raised price. I doubt they will be, infact I imagine the only chance you'll get for 33.3mm goodness for the moment will be these limited decks. Which probably wont get better than these, so go get one!

Go check Berlinwood here :)
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