Deep Forest Cruiser Review

This review has taken overall a LOT longer than I initially hoped it would, but hey, it's finally done! Want to know how this really interesting cruiser stacks up? Read on, but not before some pictures: I set this board up with BRT Wides, Grand Wheels, and TKY bushings.

Shipping took like a week, average time from the US to the UK. All arrived in perfect condition with no problems what so ever. 10/10

First impressions
I was really interested to see how this shape would stack up, as it's not like anything I've seen. The concave did look a little weird, but other than that I was overall impressed and intrigued. 9/10

on this deck isn't bad, however the mold used lets it down. It looks like one of those cheap molds you can get on ebay, as the concave is literally just to angled edges to the deck rather than a smooth curve, and the kicks are quite high. The split, the rounding, the shaping, and everything like that is overall good - including some nicely drilled holes that made for an effortless setup - but this shape lets it down. 8/10

of this deck is unfortunately also plagued by this shape. Don't get me wrong, it's a really fun deck to use, especially in mini ramps you can just cruise about and still get all your tricks. With a bit of effort you can get street tricks on it, but the tail is simply too short for how steep it is and makes popping even ollies difficult. A more mellow shape would totally remove that problem, so it's a shame that it's there, but unfortunately it is. The lacquer could also be improved a bit too as it did scratch off a tad easier than most, but it's not really soo much of an issue. 7/10

I do really like this deck. It might suck for street, but it's not trying to be a street deck, so I suppose it's a little harsh to judge it as one. The small and fun shape of this board is great for transition - much as it's a shame how much better this would be with a more mellow mold, it's still a nice little board. Will it replace your main? No. Is it perfect? No. Is it fun to cruise about on? Hell yes. It does its job! 8/10

Go check Deep Forest here :)
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