Common Conviction Deck Review

This review took ages to get done unfortunately, but nonetheless, it's finished now! Want to see how one of the craziest split ply decks I've ever seen stacks up in a review? Read on.. First though, some pictures, I set this up with BRT Wides, Grand Wheels, and China tape.

Shipping was average really, a week ish from Singapore to England, which is what most international packages take coming into the UK. Arrived in perfect condition too. 10/10

First impressions
I was blown away by the craftsmanship on this, especially the split. 8 bit UK flag with some gorgeous burl woods, the level of detail on this is insane and I cant see a single piece of wood out of shape. Mindblowing how much time must have gone into that, not to mention the rest of the deck being perfectly pressed/rounded too. 10/10

as I've already said is pretty insane, but to further on points other than the split this deck is flawlessly crafted. Evenly pressed throughout to a nice crisp finish, rounding is 100% perfect in terms of the kicks and the edges, and all the holes and countersinks are prefect making for a effortless setup. Nothing negative to say here. 10/10

of this deck is really nice, if I had to instantly compare it to anything it really reminds me of a Weca deck, just more defined. Deeper concave and higher kicks than the very mellow Weca decks, but otherwise a similar feel to it. I'm sure that's not intentional copying or anything like that, just a coincidence, and a nice one as Weca decks are some of my favourites out there. This deck is snappy, crisp, has some nice control - although I personally found the concave a bit too much for the feel of the rest of the deck. More concave can work well on a deck, but I feel on this deck shape (i.e. kick shape, etc) it makes for some very defined dips that felt slightly obtrusive to the otherwise flowy feel the rest of the board has. Not that it wasn't easy to use, just I think with a slightly lower concave this would have made my catches and consistency even better. 9.25/10

this deck is great. Brilliantly made, not showing any real wear after tons of use, and amazing split ply detail to top it off. Perhaps a change in template would make this concave work better, or lowering the concave - but for those of you who don't like such mellow decks I'm sure you'll find no problem with this - as even I managed to get used to it after a day or so. For everything these decks do right, the little downsides seem just that, little, and thus well worth looking past. 9.75/10

Go check Common Conviction here :)
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