BeastPants Deck Review

Having eagerly stared at many beautiful BeastPants decks since they appeared on the scene, I was soo happy to be told one was on its way to me for a review. How does it rack up? Well, read on, but not before checking out some pictures of it set up with BRT wides, Grand Wheels, and Ace3 tape.

Shipping took a week US -> UK, which is slightly above average. It all arrived in perfect condition and was packaged nicely. 10/10

First impressions
well.. it's hard not to be blown away by how nice a split that is. Not to mention everything else looking amazing about the deck, but the split was a surprise and seeing a fingersized + unite tribute in a split, it's easily one of the nicest decks I've ever looked at in my life. I couldn't be more stoked on it, especially as it looked seriously fun to ride too. 10/10

on this deck is flawless. The splits are obviously a big thing and I cant see an part that isn't made perfectly, even with some crazy intricate designs and cuts made to make this look how it does. But the rest of the deck is pressed perfectly, evenly, and rounded just as it should be throughout. Plus perfect holes to top it off. 10/10

of this deck is pretty awesome. It's a crisp, poppy, and flowy deck that is a ton of fun to use, but with a very mellow shape. At least as mellow if not mellower than a new mold Weca deck, it did take quite a while to get used to and even then as with any deck, there are tricks that are harder on it. Just like concave helps with certain tricks but makes catching harder, this took a lot more effort for things like tres and nollie heels. Weirdly also I found I had to change my finger position for kickflips, but eventually got used to doing that and didn't have any trouble after that. Regardless of its shape it's a solid deck as I said, and hasn't really shown any signs of wear over all the time I've used it, which is impressive too. 9/10

this deck is great. The kind of deck that you'll have to put effort into, but once you have it'll be worth it and you wont want to go back to anything else. I love the shaping, amazing splits, great craftsmanship, and solid feel to this board, but personally wish it was a bit less mellow. It's not TOO mellow, and you'll definitely get used to it after say, a week of using it constantly - just don't expect to set it up and be doing everything as effortlessly as you'd do on your main board if you're used to medium kicks. I stress that it's well worth the effort, and you can seriously appreciate how much time, effort, and dedication (not only to fingerboarding but to art) goes into these boards; BUT you'll have to put the time in. A solid main setup, if you're willing to give it a little bit of time. 9.25/10

Go check BeastPants here :)
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