Setup Of The Year #3!

For the third year in a row, setups from the past year are all lined up so you can all pick your favourite. Why? So that one may be crowned Setup Of The Year!

The voting page is all set, this year there are another 52 setups from you to choose from, simply head to the page and check out all the setups. You can click on any setup to be taken to that SOTW entry, to read more about it and maybe see more pictures. Then pick your favourite, remember it's number (written to the left of the setup on the voting page), head to the vote, select that number, and click vote. Simple.

Why should you bother? Well, I cant show off the prize just yet, but it's really rad, and the winning setup will receive it. Something much more lasting than a deck with some BRTs and Winklers too, it's just an amazing tribute to all the awesome setups that have been made throughout the year. Only you can help your favourite setup win, so get looking, pick the best, and go for it!

Some rules to help alleviate the crap that's gone down the last few years:
-Telling people to vote for your setup is not allowed. You can tell people to vote for the setup they want, but let them choose for themselves. This includes rallying your friends on facebook - just let everyone pick their favourite, it's a lot more fun that way.
-Telling people if you win you'll give away the stuff you win is not allowed.
-Cheating by using unfair methods to vote more than once is not allowed.

Okay? Vote once, have fun, enjoy following the results and staying stoked on the winner!

Voting stops for this round Sunday 15th - I'll explain what happens next then.

NOTE - if the setups page doesn't display properly you've viewed it a few times, close your browswer and try again.

Head to the voting page here :)
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