Setup Of The Year #3 - Final Round!

This might have happened last year as a sort of happy accident, but I thought it was really interesting, so I'm gonna do it again! After a week of voting..

The Final Round of SOTY#3 is going down. Soo many awesome setups were in, and a huge thankyou to all of you for voting, but now it's time to narrow it down and choose again from only the remaining six setups, who got the top 6 highest votes. You can check all the details of your choices on the new SOTY page below, but if you want a sneaky first look, here they are.

How do you choose between those? I have no idea. But hopefully you can, so go choose one of them, vote, and may the best setup win. This year's prize is still a secret that wont be announced until Thursday when I'll pick the winner, but I can promise you it's something really rad. Make sure your favourite gets that spot!

Also, make sure when you vote to use the setups' new numbers on the final round page, not their numbers from the last round, as they've all been changed.

Thanks again for voting everyone, you can head to the final round voting page here :)
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