Stoned Obstacle Review

I know this review took me AGES to get around to doing, so a huge apology to Stoned for that. Better late than never? I really hope so! Nonetheless here are some pictures of this amazing obstacle, with my board in one for size comparison.

Shipping took ages, but not to the fault of Stoned as the postal companies kept changing their mind about where it was and hid it for a month.. Still, gotta loose at a small amount because of dispatch time. 9/10

First impressions
I was absolutely mindblown by how nice a ramp this is and how amazing it looked. Also completely blown away by it being a hollow ramp with a layer of concrete on top? Crazy, I've never seen anything like it in fingerboarding and it's a really cool idea. Not to mention all the nice artwork too? Amazing. 10/10

of this ramp is really nice, but does have a slight issue. Whilst it's super solid and really nicely made for the main bit of the ramp, there's a tiny bit of wobble on the wooden section. Not loads, but if you push on it it can slightly move. I dunno if it got damanged in transit or if that's an issue with all of these, but it's only minor and not really a problem whilst seshing it. The rest of the ramp as I said is perfect though, a super smooth layer of concrete makes this rock solid and buttery. 9/10

of this is soo good, honestly one of the most fun and organic feeling ramps I've ever ridden. The concrete isn't the as smooth as marble/wood, but honestly it's a good thing as you can feel your tricks more, and get to put even more personality into them rather than just gliding over every trick. It's a shame that on the same note the weighting of this is off, and sometimes tricks on the wooden bit cause it to fall over. A bit of tape can easily solve that, but it's a shame that it's there in the first place. Nonetheless otherwise this thing grinds soo nicely, and as well as feeling super realistic it's also not mega damaging to boards? Pretty much a win win. As you can imagine, the wood is super buttery, and not only makes this open to amazing combos but makes a nice variation of surfaces on one ramp. Cant argue with that! My only other real issue is that I feel it's a bit big, and wish there was a scaled down version of this ramp, at least in height. 9/10

it's a shame that the wood section of this has a few issues, but being how little they really hinder this ramp, and how innovative, fun, and realistic this thing is to ride I find myself not really caring. Sure it's not perfect, but this is the kind of ramp you can sesh for hours and not get bored on, even though it's relatively simple. Plus the creative layer of concrete over wood grinds gorgeously, AND makes it lightweight and able to ship worldwide without crazy shipping prices, so that's a big plus for all the people over the world who will be after these. Definitely something to get stoked on when they drop, for the few flaws it has you'll have soo much fun on it you wont care. 9/10

Go check Stoned here :)

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