Northwoods Eternal Mini Review

I wont properly review this deck as I've already reviewed one, this is just a different style of graphic I got to try out. And having a day before I can set up the next deck in my review queue because I left it at the office, this seemed a good time.

Check out the Northwoods Eternal decks. That's their word for everslick graphics, something I've always wanted to get a proper try on and not really done so until now. really wish more companies made graphics like these, they're not only super durable but slide nicer than anything I've ever riden, it's like flowing above a ledge rather than actually sliding it. Not to mention all the other great things about Northwoods decks, and how nicely this is made? Get on these when they're out, they're gonna be seriously good.

You can check the full review of Northwoods decks here :)
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