Frost G3 Mellow Review

After having tried a Frost and quite liking it years ago, I was stoked when I was asked to review the new boards. This review will mainly focus on the G3, but also mention the G5 which is a slightly more hardcore shape. Nonetheless, here's my review! Pictures first, I set this up with BRT wides, Grand Wheels, and Ace tape. Sorry for bad quality pictures by the way, I didn't have my proper camera here at time of writing.

Shipping was average, a week or two USA - UK. All arrived in perfect condition and were nicely packaged. 10/10

First impressions
, I was not only mindblown by the fact that he'd sent over FOUR decks, but stoked on how nice they all looked. Everything from their presentation and packaging to the craftsmanship looked flawless, and I loved the fact that he made a UK flag split too. They all looked really consistent too, which is something I love to see as it means that even though I review one deck, any deck someone will buy is going to be just as nice. 10/10

as I said is really nice, however the UK flag split has a few tiny and barely visible gaps in it. He did mention that it wasn't a perfect deck, and as all the other splits were flawless I wont really count that as I'm sure he'd never sell a deck that wasn't up to standards. That's not to say everything else isn't great though, I cant fault the pressing, shaping, rounding, drilling, or finish on these at all. 9.75/10

of this deck is soo nice, I was amazed how quickly and effortlessly I could get all my tricks down on a deck that's longer and deeper than I'm used to. It's a super poppy deck and seemed to respond really well to almost every trick I tried. I couldn't seem to get things like casper flips down for the life of me though, but that's more my preference against lots of concave rather than a flaw with the deck. Although, that said, I feel there is perhaps a bit too much concave on this for being called a mellow deck, and if it was slightly more mellow I feel everything about this deck would be nicer - it's still a really solid all round performer though. The lacquer held up great too, I can barely see any scratches on it after a lot of riding! My main issue is that the kicks aren't different enough so I could never really tell which was the nose or tail, which really annoyed me during lines when you'd have switched your board 180 due to a trick. It was far from a ruining point to the deck, just something that I feel could be fixed and would make these even nicer. 9.5/10

these decks are pretty amazing, and do a lot right, especially for the price. Crisp, solid, nicely presented, and almost flawlessly made. If the kicks were made to be a bit different I think everyone would have a hard time disliking them, especially as you've got your choice of kick and concave so you can get a board that suits you and that'll last a pretty nice amount of time. Well worth trying. 9.5/10

Go check Frost here :)
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