Crossed Fingers 2 x Campus Skatepark

Everything for Crossed Fingers 2 is shaping up nicely, with great sponsors being added all the time and loads of parks to ride I really hope you guys are looking forward to it. Want more?

Thanks to Campus Skatepark sponsoring the event, anyone who comes to Crossed Fingers 2 and keeps their wristband from their session on to show up at Campus Skatepark the next day will get to skate for free! There'll be the fingerboard park there as well as the skatepark and the lounge to chill out in - should be a pretty fun addition to the weekend. If you can get to this, definitely do so as it's shaping up to be the biggest event the UK has seen - and when there's £200 in prize money I think we might see some international guests too.

Go check Crossed Fingers here :)
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