ASI 18 Results

All you lucky people who got to go to ASI 8 yesterday surely had an awesome time, but for those who didn't, who's the all important winner?

Thanks to BRR for sharing, the top 10 places are:
1. Petr Ptacek
2. Dimitri Schlotthauer
3. Raul Jörgensen
4. Sandro Seidel
5. Stefan Klauser
6. Alex Christ
7. Harald Schön
8. Maxi Babel
9. Moritz Rüger
10. Aleksander Lülloff

Yup, Petr won something else! I'm stoked to see his streak of coming 2nd place in everything is finally over, and his ridiculous skills are getting recognised. I'm sure he killed it as always, hopefully some footage of the final will appear on the internet soon. For now, big props to everyone who went and made the event as awesome as ASI events always are.

Go check ASI here :)
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