Primitive Deck Review

I've been loving reviewing this deck, so now it's finally time to spill the beans and let you guys know what they're like. Pictures first? I set this up with BRT Wides, TKYs, and Grand Wheels.

Shipping was standard, just under a week coming from Norway to here. Arrived nicely packaged and everything was in perfect condition. 10/0

First impressions
I was absolutely blown away by everything on this deck. The graphic was a surprise to me so I had no idea I was actually getting a Fingersized deck, not to mention everything else about the deck and the way it's presented look amazing. 10/10

is flawless on this deck, I cant find a single way to complain. Nicely shaped deck, pressed evenly, perfectly aligned holes, and all finished off as you'd expect any professional deck to be. 10/10

of this deck is pretty nice. The kicks are higher than I initially thought from pictures, and even though they're not super high they're around the level of a Flatface deck, which I find quite hard to get used to. Once you're used to it tricks can go down nicely, but I think in terms of controlling the board it takes a while to get used to catching higher kicks if you're used to lower kicks. However, that's just me, and there's no denying this board has a great shape, and pops beautifully, making a lot of street tricks really nice to do. My only real complaint also pertains to the kicks, I wish they were a tiny bit longer, and the nose was more defined - I feel this would make riding mini and probably all tricks feel a bit nicer, as I felt when trying to ride miniramp that I wanted a bit more to put my fingers on. Lacquer smudged a bit too, but any deck does really so that's simply the fact that it was used. In short, a lot of nice performance and a very solid all round feel, even if it'll take some getting used to if you're a mellow fan. 9/10

whilst I think the kicks on these decks could do with some tweaking, there are otherwise a LOT of fantastic things to say about them. Crisp, solid, great looking, and basically flawless in terms of craftsmanship - which all makes for a deck that'll have you stonking your favourite tricks with ease. Not every deck can please everyone, but if you like medium decks and want a mainly street board that'll give you some tasty flip to grind tricks, you could do a lot worse than one of these. 9.25/10

Go check Primitive here :)
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