Tradecraft Mini Surfer Review

I've been absolutely loving this deck since the second it arrived through my door, and have been looking forward to finding time for a full review so you guys can know just how rad it is. Pictures? I set it up with BRT wides, Winklers, and Propaganda Tape.

Shipping was pretty quick, 1 week from USA to here, and it came packaged nicely and arrived in perfect condition. 10/10

First impressions
I was beyond stoked on how sick it looked! I'm a huge fan of cruisers and this only only had an amazing graphic on it, but looked such a fun size at roughly 36x90mm. Short, stubby, yet tons of fun. I could tell that the craftsmanship wasn't perfect though. 9/10

is unfortunately where this deck gets let down a bit, but not too much. It's not perfectly pressed and as such the deck came out a little thick, I used some extra long screws to make setup easier but I think with normal screws it would work too. One hole on each truck was off by the tinest amount, not enough to see that it was off but screws wouldn't go through - however 6 out of 8 makes no difference to performance. Finally the front truck was a little too close to the curve of the kick and didn't sit flat.. but really all that comes down to is that the screws need work, the rest of the shape is done nicely and it's far from a badly made deck in every other sense. 8/10

of this deck is amazing. Weird, and not something I'd ever tell anyone to use as a main, but nonetheless ridiculously fun. It's super wide so it's hard to get used to flipping it, but flips regular and switch are definitely possible and I found tres to be really fun to catch. The length makes for a really interesting ride, especially when riding halfpipes/pools/etc which is essentially what this is designed for. Airs and ollies are amazingly flowy on this, I couldn't stop doing things like bs air noseblunts! And in terms of wear I cant see any - obviously the board rails protect it but I think the rest of the deck has held up nicely too. However, in fairness this doesn't get a perfect score because it's not useable as a main, I don't think 36 is a width you would want to flip all the time compared to a 32-33. 9.5/10

don't expect this deck to be a main, but if you're looking for an oldschool/cruiser deck, or just something that's a ton of fun, you really cant go wrong with one of these. Flowy, massive, and fairly silly at times, but one of the best decks I've ever riden in a pool - complimented perfectly by a really sick graphic. 100% awesome vibes from this, the fact that it's not crafted perfectly might be an issue for some but when you're only looking at 12 dollars a deck it's hard to complain. The plus points definitely out weigh the minuses, and you're definitely supporting true oldschool fingerboarding! 9/10

Go check the Tradecraft site here :)
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