Sorry posts are a bit late today, I had to go out really early this morning before it rained, and also came back to my internet not working. Fun, right?

Actually a bizarre story with a side helping of morning skateboarding (always a good thing!), I had to go tell the council that I was working full time, and in doing so I wrote a letter to confirm it which I finished by thanking the council for the benefit I had received over the years of me not working full time. Wasn't even something I thought about, it just seemed natural to say thankyou, because, why would one not do so? Well, apparently it was the first time anyone had EVER thanked them and they said they were going to frame my letter in their office. I'm still shocked not a single person had said thankyou - people take soo many things for granted these days. Let's all make sure today we don't take fingerboarding for granted, we could all be talentless and boring instead, haha :)
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