Sorry I was away from posting yesterday, most of the day my internet was down as an engineer had to come out and fiddle with it because my line got upgraded to 100mb (which is awesome). Still, I'm back now, and have something to share.

Another tweak to the new unitefingerboarding site that's coming soon, this time making the featured posts section (think of it like the new version of 'top stories') a lot more functional. Before I had three pictures which displayed text on hover, now there's a semi transparent text normally and on hover the text is fully readable and the image dims slightly. I'm hoping to get hosting sorted in the next week, after that there's a tiny bit of beta testing, a photo that needs taking for the banner, and then it'll be live! Get stoked. But not before realising that these posts are placeholders, the next person that asks me if the new unite is going to be all about beastpants.. No. This is a TEST. Expect all the daily goodness you love here on the new unite, just in an even better form :)
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