The Norwood Project Boardrails Checkout

Obviously I'm not going to be doing a full review of these, as that'd be a bit ridiculous. However..

Pete from TNP sent me over these boardrails for me to have a play around with, and they're seriously sick. I know boardrails are just a cheap upgrade to a setup you can DIY rather than buying, but for £1 and the professional finish these have in everything from their packaging to the way they're done.. It's mad not to pick some up. They look awesome too, I decided I'd re-setup my Radramps to put the blue set on and they look soo nice. Setup is simply peeling the backing off and sticking them down, so there's nothing difficult about doing it and they can work on any setup. Were I to review them, I'm sure 10/10 would be in order for their great price, professional feel, and making grinds nice and smooth!

Go check TNP here :)
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