Setup Of The Week #156

This is the last setup that'll be counted into this year's Setup Of The Year, Setup Of The Year #3, which is starting this afternoon. Who made the last spot?

BRT Wides
Rip Bushings
Winkler Big Daddy'z
Entry Tape

Honestly I feel I could just post this picture, nothing else, and that would explain perfectly why this won.. But you know me, I'm not going to shut up, especially when it comes to a setup this week. It was a hard week to choose, loads of nice setups, especially with the Blosom rush after CF2. But only one setup could win, and this really beat everything else, with not only an amazing colourscheme, but a seriously fun (and quite unique too) looking deck to ride. Props!

Setup from Woob Zac, go check it on FBHQ here :)
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