Crossed Fingers 2

I'm back! It was an amazing weekend, one of the best of my life, packed with great friends, fingerboarding, skateboarding, and topped off with MTG too. I'll be recapping what I've missed today, and all back to normal tomorrow. First though..

I don't have loads of pictures or anything from this, and I've not had time to make my video yet (obviously), but here's my sort of recap of Crossed Fingers 2. It was a crazy weekend, starting on friday with everyone turning up and driving around Bristol getting everything ready, like taking the park from Campus to my house for the event. On the day itself, after loads of stress getting up early and organising everything to start, we finally opened the doors at 10:30 and fingerboarders from all over the country made the trip for a day of awesome fun. I love that the focus was more on chilling than the competition much as that still went down, however not before a raffle and everyone getting some awesome goodies for free. Three rounds of amazing fingerboarding went down in the competition, but overall there could only be a few winners, and those were:

1st: Elliott S.F
2nd: Alex Boffey
3rd: Harry Yeates

Best Trick: Jake le Grys

Elliott is a machine, it's no surprise this is his third CF win, and despite ridiculous fingerboarding from everyone in the runs and 2nd round, he didn't take a single letter in the game of skate and completely dominated, eventually taking home the top prize. Best trick happened afterwards and everyone had three tries to do a single trick down the handrail, which Jake won with a mad 1st try nollie 3 inward heel front boardslide. Such amazing skills, it was awesome getting to spread £200 between those guys as well as their prizes.

After all that everyone just chilled out, filmed, fingerboarded, and had fun, until the day was over. Huge thankyou to everyone who came down, had fun, made it the great day it was for UK fingerboarding, and hopefully realised/remembered what events are all about. The people always make it better than anything else could!

Yesterday was filled with skateboarding at Campus, doughnuts, fun, and everything else that makes a chilled sunday with friends good. Except the point everyone had to go home that is, I miss you guys!

Get to events if you can, they're unmissable. See you all at Crossed Fingers 3 in 2014, and look out for my video soon :)
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