Blosom Checkout

Crossed Fingers 2 was not only an amazing weekend for every in terms of fun, but a fair few people also got some tasty Blosom decks for free. Like..

This is mine, a new Blosom deck of awesomeness with the nicest graphic ever on it. It's a replica of a Skateboardcafe graphic and will NEVER be sold, so don't go asking for one. One thing I don't know if is staying team or will eventually come out, is how he's done this. Remember the paint smudge decks? This has a neon orange paint smudge layer on it, then the real wear graphic on top - and it looks AMAZING. Beautifully done, and it's going to wear in the most amazing way possible. Hopefully we'll see a stock of graphics soon, who knows. Either way, this deck is mindblowingly nice and perfectly made, I think I'll have to review it just because it's been about two years since I reviewed a Blosom deck last, and they've come a long way since then!

I might film on this soon so check my channel here :)
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