Northwoods Eternal Checkout

This was sent to me by Northwoods as a sort of late birthday present, as well as something they wanted me to check out. What is it?

This is one of the Northwoods Eternal decks! What's soo special about it that it gets it's own name? Well, it's an everslick graphic, hence the name eternal, as the graphic wont ever die. I've always wanted to own an everslick and never had the chance, so I'm stoked to own this as well as really liking everything about it too. All the goodness of Northwoods decks, now with a super sliding and really nicely designed graphic? I haven't had a chance to set this up yet as I've got a massive review queue but I'll definitely get a chance to try it soon - go get these when they drop!

Go check Northwoods here :)
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