Fingerboarding In Real Life

This is one of the best videos I've seen in the entire of my life, showing off fingerboarding as it really is.

Mallory C filmed this awesome 17 minute long documentary following some of the tour stops of the Airflo tour, as well as Rendevous and chilling at Mike's house. It goes into why people fingerboard, shows off how much fun it is, and packs in some rad tricks in a host of different spots and locations. Honestly though, I just made it sound mediocre compared to how good it is, this is a MUST watch. If you're into fingerboarding enough to be reading this, you'll enjoy this, Mallory deserves some serious high 5s for this. It makes you want to fingerboard, makes you want to hang out with friends, and makes me soo glad there's less than a week until UK guys descend on Bristol for CF2. Fingerboarding is amazing.

Go check Mallory's channel here - share up the video with your friends too :)
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