A lot of people have been waiting on this release, but now I finally have some info for you thanks to a surprise package that arrived this morning.

As I said, I had no idea this was coming, but Bart from Ace sent me 5 packs of the new Ace tape, dubbed Ace3! I'd tried a sheet before, absolutely loved it, and it lasted me 3 months, which is crazy for how nice it is. I'll have a full review soon, but THANKYOUUU to Ace, get hyped for this!

Quick rundown of the info:
-Dropping in 2-3 weeks
-Packs now have three sheets rather than five
-BUT.. only 3 euros a pack, so super cheap
-I'll be giving away a pack this weekend

It's amazing stuff, and I hope it'll be on Fingersized soon but if not it'll be on Ace soon. Go check Ace here :)
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