Stoned Checkout

I'm sure you've all heard of Stoned obstacles by now, a while ago I was lucky enough to be sent one in the post. However..

I only just managed to get this. And I say only just in the most extreme sense, this was sent to me in May I believe? It's basically July, Parcelforce decided to hoarde this for far too long and kept changing their mind as to where it was and blablabla.. ANYWAY - I got it now, and I'm sooo stoked on it. Crazy nice ramps, super smooth yet really realistic feeling, amazing unite graffiti, and so many other details too. Something else I love and didn't know - they're hollow ramps? It's an amazing idea, basically they're a wood frame that's covered in concrete, so the weight stays low, these are not at all heavy and shipping worldwide would be very possible for them. Big thanks to Stoned for this, expect a review soonish!

Go check Stoned here :)
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