Blosom Checkout

Yesterday I got myself one of the new Blosom decks, and barely had time to check it out after a ridiculously long day. However..

I've had a ton of time to sesh this properly today, and I must say it's one of the most amazing decks I've ever ridden. Pops and controls like a dream, although the slightly higher nose did take a fair bit of getting used to for my mellow loving self. Basically the new decks use a new glue which holds the shape of the mold even more than before, which makes them slightly higher kicked and deeper - they're much more suited to the general public having a slightly less low but still low concave, and medium-medium high kicks. The shaping has also slightly changed, the kicks are now a bit longer and have a slight Yellowood Z3 vibe to them, although no way near being as pronounced as those. I miss how fun old Blosom decks were in miniramps, but on the other hand this has made every street trick I know a lot more effortless.

Overall, I cant recommend these decks more. It's not just my sentiment too, two friends of mine got their Blosom decks from the latest stock yesterday, and one of them said "You know what I hate? Decks that aren't Blosoms". Speaks for itself, haha..

Go check Blosom here :)
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