Tradecraft Checkout

I've been looking forward to this loads ever since I ordered it, so I was stoked to see it turn up this morning.

I got my Tradecraft! This thing is one of the most fun decks I've ever used, it's super short, at least 1cm shorter in wheelbase and overall length, as well as being 36mm wide at it's widest point. Sounds weird, but it's perfect for pools/miniramp as well as looking awesome, the graphic is soo nice on it. I got some free boardrails with it too, it took me ages to decide to put them on, and getting them on was a bit of an effort, but they look soo sick on it. Overall this deck isn't crafted to perfection, but it's far from badly made, it's super fun, 100% oldschool, and definitely something everyone needs to own. Expect a review soon.

Go check the Tradecraft site here :)
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