BRR Support Your Skateshop Ramps

Everyone saw these ramps when they were previewed on the BRR Germany tour, but it seems now is the time to go get your local shops to get these in.

I know that says 'out now', but as far as I'm aware they're not in shops just yet, but will be soon. What I do know is the prices! 24.95 euros for the bank thingy, and 34.95 for the kink curb. I guess it's more than I was expecting but it's still not a terrible price, I've looked into these bricks and I know they're really expensive, so it does drive up the price a bit. Anyway, the main point is SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHOP! Get them in, get more fingerboarding going near you, and have fun. Look out for them in your local in the next month.

Go check BRR here :)
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