Fingerboarder Magazine - Changes

Changes are often inevitable, especially in current times. No one has money, and whilst this was one of the coolest projects in fingerboarding, it's gotta change.

What's this? Well, in short, Fingerboarder Magazine is no longer a printed form of magazine, it's gone to an online magazine. There will be lots of articles posted that aren't news based, but more community and such based - so essentially the same thing, just not on paper. It's a shame really, like, I'm glad it's not dead but it's a shame as it was the first 100% professionally done fingerboarding magazine and really set the bar soo high with mega good quality and content, not to mention just how stoked I'd be reading it. I'm honoured to have been featured in it and had a photo used in it. I guess it's not RIP, but farewell to your printed glory, Fingerboarder Magazine. Let's hope this new chapter can be just as interesting.

Go check the Fingerboarder Magazine website here :)
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